Stasis field

Have you ever felt the same way? For me it ‘s like a contemplative state. Sometimes you don ‘t even need to formulate the idea(engage in thought). 🙂

“We don’t have much to talk about. We feel good vibes and exchange three or four words. I know that if one of these guys opens his mouth, he knows what he is talking about. So when he does open his mouth and he does know what he is talking about, it’s not a great shock. And since I tend to know what I am talking about, too, I would probably say the same thing, so why bother talking, really? It’s like the joke tellers’ convention where people sit around and they don’t even have to tell a joke. They just say the joke number and everybody laughs.”

This quote is from a interview with Charles Simonyi, in 1986, by Susan Lammers.

Have fun!


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