links for 2009-03-21

  • An interesting comment on Tim Bray 's Rest Casuistry.
    "From: Andrew Wahbe (Mar 20 2009, at 21:10)

    Worrying about the way you've structured the resources on the server is usually a sign that you actually aren't thinking RESTfully. Why? Because you should be worrying if your hypermedia format frees the client from any dependencies on that structure. If you've got that right (and most haven't) then you can worry about using the method with the strongest semantics for each operation (GET for idempotent and safe operations, PUT or DELETE for idempotent and un-safe operations and POST for everything else). That will allow you to tune the plumbing (e.g. caching) as needed. Anything else is a waste of time. Futzing with resource structures doesn't yield practical benefits and doesn't make your system more RESTful (despite popular opinion)."


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